Albert W. Woodcock

Albert W. Woodcock

18/03/1921 – 08/11/1994

Before the war he was a member of the Reserve Army, then known as the Territorial Army.

At the outbreak of war he was in the Royal Fusiliers (London Regiment), the same regiment as the future Brigadier Hill. He was subsequently promoted to Sergeant before undergoing parachute training at Ringway in March 1943. He then joined the 9th Parachute Battalion and was promoted to Platoon Sergeant in the 8th Platoon of A Company.

He was wounded by German mortar fire in July 1944. This injury did not allow him to parachute again.

He left the army in 1947, his last post being at the Glider Training Depot at Larkhill.

In civilian life he held a clerical position in the West Country of England.

He was appointed to the 9th Battalion Reunion Committee, just after joining the Anglo-French Committee of the Merville Battery.