Ernie Baxter

ernie baxter

March 9, 1912 – 2004

Ernie was born in Stockport. He trained as a minesweeper with the 8th Company from 1941 to 1943. He volunteered for the Airborne Troops in 1943 and joined No. 3 Section of the 224th Field Parachute Ambulance which was attached to the 9th Parachute Battalion. He helped set up the first aid post at Varaville Castle. Ernie was dropped too far from the drop zone, into the flooded area, and joined Brigadier James Hill’s party, which was heading towards Merville Battery to see if the assault had succeeded. In Gonneville, they are bombarded by Allied planes. He returned to Varaville but was captured. However, soon after, Canadian paratroopers opened fire and the enemy disappeared. Unfortunately for Ernie, he was seriously injured by a grenade thrown by the Canadians. His injuries were serious enough that he was evacuated to Ranville and then sent back to England. He did not return to active duty and was discharged in July 1945.