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Ceremony 2022 in tribute to the men of the Piron Brigade

Today the Merville Battery held a ceremony in tribute to the men of the Piron Brigade.
Indeed, on August 17, 1944, the Belgian troops attacked as part of Operation Paddle.
The purpose of the Piron Brigade was to free the Normandy coast between the landing beaches and the Seine while most of the German troops were fighting in the Falaise pocket.
Photos of the 2022 ceremony in the presence of Mrs. Sylvie Dupont, President of the GIP, Mrs. Béatrice Guillaume, Vice-President of the Departmental Council of Calvados, Mr. Laurent Lemarchand, Mayor of Sallenelles, of the Association des Amis du Mont Canisy, and Mr. Kris Michiels, owner of the Piron Brigade collection.
Thanks to Mr. Fans Hannes, son of veteran Victor Hannes and Mr. Chris Vanbrabant, son of veteran Gaston Vanbrabant for their speeches.
Thank you to the volunteers of the Merville-Batterie association.