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Visit of the grandson of Fred Glover

On Sunday, July 3, we had the honour of welcoming Paul Glover, Veteran’s grandson
Fred Glover, with Mr. Paz, Mayor of Merville; Ms. Dagorn, Director of the Museum; Gaëtan Dagorn, President of the Merville-Batterie Association; and Viviane, Secretary and Volunteer of the Association.
Fred Glover was injured by two bullets in his legs as glider No. 27 arrived at the on the Merville Battery on June 6, 1944 at the first light of dawn. It nevertheless jumped, since there was no other choice, his comrades had to leave him on the way because, despite
his efforts, he could no longer follow them. He later found himself with two German soldiers injured and saved his life by giving his morphine to the most affected of the two. He was done prisoner and finally brought in Pitié Salpêtrière hospital in Paris from which he escaped thanks to the Resistance.
Text from the speech of Nathalie Varnière during the presentation of the Legion of Honour to Fred Glover on June 5, 2015.