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– The sound and light show

A complete rearrangement of casemate no1, resumed to its original state as at dawn on 6th June and where, thanks to odour diffusers, special lighting and digitally spaced sound effects every half hour, it will be possible to experience the minutes that preceded the neutralisation of the Battery. Combining the three senses, sight, sound and smell will immerse the visitor into a deluge of combat, the hell that unfolded at dawn on 6th June, replicated.

Green light : you can go inside the casemate
Red light : sound and light show in process, please wait several minutes before entering the casemate.

Caution !

Every twenty minutes a siren will announce the commencement of a show (sounds, lights, odours) recreating vividly what took place here on the night of 5th/6th June 1944 :
– intense bombing (109 Lancaster bombers at 0030 hours dropping more than 1,000 bombs) of the battery.
– the German gunners firing their howitzers on the canal locks at Ouistreham.
– the assault of the 9th Battalion The Parachute Regiment and the neutralisation of the battery.
This is a highly realistic experience of a battle scene and is not recommended for infants less than 8 years old, persons of a nervous disposition, suffering from heart problems, or claustrophobia.

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