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– Let knowledge feed memory

This preserved site has an educational trail which enables you to understand the way an artillery battery worked, the position of the Merville Battery in the Atlantic Wall, its stages of construction, its importance to Rommel and the daily routine of the its soldiers.

– The action taken by le Conservatoire du Littoral

Le Conservatoire du Littoral, in collaboration with Airborne Assault Normandy Trust and the Commune de Merville-Franceville, preserved the authenticity of the Merville Battery when it purchased the site. You will be able to discover one of the “hot spots” of the 6th June, a 5 hectare site totally preserved since the end of the War. In addition to a command bunker and ten other structures, it includes four massive gun casemates designed to place enfilade fire on Sword Beach, thereby jeopardising the Eastern flank of the Allied landings.

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