Homage to the allied aircrew

On the occasion of the town hall’s documents filing, notes of the assistant mayor working in 1943, were found. It was written that during the night of the 18 th and 19 th of April of that year, a Lancaster plane, belonging to the 156 squadron and wearing the regimental number W4849, was shot down by the Germans on the beach of Merville-Franceville. The rest of the bodies were burried in the grave yard of Merville-Franceville.

At that time, only, the Sergant A.K ELEIS, the machine gunner, was identified. The story written about the recuperation of the bodies and the funerals and Royal Air Force filing, makes it possible, today, to identify with certainty the other combatants burried in Merville.

It was the Sergant G.S COOPER and his team, the Sergants R. HARISSON, K COULSON, J.J VAULKARD, D.R EDWARDS and N.O ROBINSON who was Canadian.

The president of the battery and his boards of directors pay homage, every year, at the date of their disparition, by laying flowers on their graves. This was done on tuesday 19th April in the presence of Olivier Paz, president, and the board of directors..