Enlargement of the Merville battery

Since the 15 of April 2007 the Merville battery is also :

- An educational trail that threads through the site, explaining the role of each bunker, the way the Battery functioned and the stages of the attack at dawn on 6th June 1944.

- A complete rearrangement of casemate no1, resumed to its original state as at dawn on 6th June and where, thanks to odour diffusers, special lighting and digitally spaced sound effects every half hour, it will be possible to experience the minutes that preceded the neutralisation of the Battery. Combining the three senses, sight, sound and smell will immerse the visitor into a deluge of combat, the hell that unfolded at dawn on 6th June, replicated.

- The opening to the public for the first time of casemate no2 as a memorial dedicated to the 9th Battalion The Parachute Regiment. Inside the visitor will find wartime objects and articles, the history and the photographs of the 700 brave young men who, on the night of 5th/6th June parachuted into this corner of France. Sadly for the majority of them, this would be their final resting place.