The Merville battery museum houses an authentic Douglas C-47 who took part, belonging to the 9th U.S.A. Air Force, in all the airborne missions of the European theater of operations during world war II (Overlord – Dragoon – Market – Repulse – Varsity).

Left behind on an airfield near Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina, she was repatriated in Normandy at the end of 2007 by a team of volunteers then restored in the markings she wore on 6th june 1944 to be displayed at the Merville battery museum.
She is currently, in Normandy, the only C-47 who took part in D-Day mission and wearing the same markings than this famous day. An authentic veteran.

It is from the same type of aircraft, called ‘Dakota’ by the British, than the 9th Para Battalion jumped on DZ ‘V’ near Varaville to seize and destroy the guns of Merville battery. On 6th june 1944, the 9th Para Battalion was the only battalion of the 6th Airborne Division to jump exclusively from ‘Dakota’.

During your visit you will discover the amazing history of the “SNAFU Special” and now learn more by visiting the website dedicated to the plane.

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